Vanishing Royals: Royal Engagements, 1995-2022

Queen Elizabeth once said, "I have to be seen to be believed." She and other members of the royal family have attended thousands of public events in recent decades in the United Kingdom and overseas. Yet, as the older generations of the royal family age -- notably the queen's cousins and King Charles and his siblings -- a key question emerges: Who will carry on the tradition of being seen? Who will confer royal star power to fundraising dinners or bring attention to worthy charities? In Prince William's generation, only he and his wife Catherine are working royals, and they attend fewer public engagements than their older relatives. The chart below looks at the number of royal engagements by generation and also tracks the royals who have stepped back from official duties in recent years, notably Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. (Note: Data for 2006-2009 is incomplete.)